A Complete Guide For The Guys About The Birth Control


For the guys, birth control is not at all some rocket science. All you need to do is to put on a condom while having sexual intercourse but you need to wear it correctly. There is not a single side effect of the hormones and neither will you be affected by any foreign objects embedded to your nether area.

Now if we talk about the birth control of your partner then many questions arises. It becomes quite tricky and complicated if she forget to intake a pill and even if she took a pill then by when will it be effective and so on. One of the most important and highly aroused questions is that which method is more effective in birth control.

When it is about birth control then guys often seek for some guide help so that they can learn and get education about the fact instead of being in the state of denial. Below some common questions have been answered which will definitely help you to know about what will be the right thing to do or not to do.

Can you bring up the topic of birth control?

To maintain a successful relationship, most of the times, couples are advised to talk to each other and have a proper discussion regarding any matter. Thus it is quite simple that the answer to this question is an obvious yes. If either of the couple wants to take some preventive step regarding pregnancy then he or she should bring up the topic. Waiting for your partner to bring up the topic might be too late for that to discuss.

How can you tell her to take pills?

Always bear in mind that you can talk about everything freely with your partner but you can never force her to do anything. Consuming pills is not at all the same thing as wearing a condom. Many things are related with the oral contraceptives, for instance the female hormones. There might be several side effects of the pills such as depression, low sex drive, mood swings and many more. There might also be a fair chance of long term health hazards such as cancer.

By when will the pill start effecting?

According to some doctors, the birth control pill starts working as soon as she started taking it. You need to bear in mind that if she is having an irregular periods then it might complicate the effectiveness of the pill. Now if she starts with the pills at the starting of the period then eggs will not be released.

What you need to do if she missed a pill?

For those who consume pills everyday there has the 99 percent chance of not getting pregnant. If she missed taking the birth control pill once then it doesn't affect much. More you forget the lower is the protection. It is advised that you need to wear condom for just a week after she missed a pill.

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