Having Sex In A Long Term Relationship Is Very Important


In the beginning of every marriage everything seems fine rather better. The relationship as just started makes the partners feel love and affection towards each other in great deal. In this time being the couples shares everything and talks about their sexual needs and desires but as time passes by they stop doing it. It happens simply because of gradual decrease of sex drive and low libido.

You don't need to do a lot of things so as to get back your sexual life as before. With just only 9 ways you can intensify your sex appeal as well as sexual desires and needs.

  • Your bedroom needs to be a sacred place. It should be the place of romance and peace. Thus you need to move out your computers and TV from this room.
  • Comfy pyjamas are not bad but they not as good as a night gown. If you want to feel sexy and start being intimate with your partner you need to grow the urges in him. To do so you need to throw your old PJ away and wear sexy night gown more often.
  • Realize what is the most important thing about your relationship is. You need to understand that you are not at the dead end yet. Make sure you are thinking about increasing your libido and improving the sex life.
  • In a study it has been proven that red wine helps to increase the sexual function of the female. Thus in order to increase the female libido you need to consume red wines couple of times in a week.
  • Love and respect yourself. Doing something for your partner is a very good thing but sometimes you need to do something to make yourself happy. If you feel like getting toned then go for it. Pamper yourself more often.
  • Thinking about fantasies helps a lot to increase your sexual drive. Make up a sex story and make it the most romantic one where your partner can get lost in. this will create a new environment and increase the excitement to a whole new level.
  • Don't have sex in the same way every time. Every now and then try something new. Add spice to your sex life. Try new and different positions and if you are up for experiments then go for some sex toys.
  • If not a single point mentioned above worked to make your sex life better then you need to buy pheromones. They will enhance will sex life with complete guarantee. They are available for both men as well as women. If your women's libido is very low then you need to buy pheromones for the men and vice versa.
  • With time and age the lubrication gets lost which results in painful intercourse. Thus slowly and gradually couples stop having sex. This is wrong. You need to find a nice vaginal lubricant or any other products instead of giving up sex.

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