Follow Tantric Positions To Enhance The Orgasms


In the long run of a married life or even in long term committed relationships, sex becomes boring for many couples. If you are one of those couples and seeking help to bring back that old magic and spark between your partner and you then you need to follow the tantric positions. These positions will rejuvenate and make your sex life alive as before. Tantric positions are generally followed to enhance the orgasms the dial up your sex desires and needs.

Some sex positions and tips to enhance the orgasms:

Put your face and hands against the wall while standing. While having sex you need to comfortable with the positions to get the best results. Rather while having sex the prime factor that you need to look after is that whether you are your partner is at ease and comfortable or not. In this position the woman have to stand while putting her palms on the wall and then she has to lean forward while arching the waist then sticking out her bottom. The man has to be present from behind and massage the clitoris in a swirling motion.

Look into each to others eye while having beautiful sex. When you are looking in to her eye and she is doing the same thing you are automatically sharing a great energy that boosts up the organs. Once your orgasms are enhanced you can now enjoy a lovely sexual encounter.

Erotic massage is the one of the great ways to start a sexual act. If you have used all the fantasies and intimacy techniques over and over again then an erotic massage can help you to spice up your sex life a little. As a small tip, you can start with massaging the toes because this is the most important part of a women body to bring her in a calm and relaxed mode very easily and quickly. Rubbing oil and simple erotic massages always leads to great sex.

Yab-Yum is most old and traditional tantric position which is performed by most of the Indians. In this style the women need to sit on the man keeping her legs around the man. You need to face towards each other in this position and it gives a great sexual boost as because you will be looking each other while having sexual encounter.

Breathe in unison. If your partner and you breathe in a synchronized manner then creates a yin-yang rhythm. This process comes out naturally and becomes a huge part of the sex life as because it offers power and control over your sexual encounters. With the power you will gain from this method you can enhance the orgasm in a lot better way.

Caressing her heart is very important when reaching towards climax. When you will feel that you are about to ejaculate then you need to lay your hands on her heart to let know about the situation. While ejaculating you need to look deep into each others eye to make your sexual experience better and greater.

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