Follow 6 Tips To Get The Girl Of Your Dream


Every women look for the presence of self confidence in their men. Having “good looks” is just an added bonus with your confidence. You need to have gentleman behaviour to make any girl fall for you. By following some simple 6 steps or tips you can get the girl you have dreamt about. Those tips are mentioned below:

Improve your walking style:

When a girl pass by your side the first thing she notices is the way you walk and then she look at your attire. Carrying out your attire perfectly and walking with full confidence goes hand in hand. Your wardrobe should be full of stylish clothes and impeccable ones. Do not crouch or walk with your shoulders down because it shows that you are not confident.

Stand straight and walk with the pace. Those who are confident don't need to run around all the time and if you are being slow make them believe that it's on purpose.

Have eye contact:

If you want to show that you are confident then you need to look her into the eyes and have the conversation. Looking downwards while talking to a woman shows you are either lying or not confident enough.

While have sweet talks it is very important to lock your eyes with her and talk else she will feel that you are insincere, inattentive and not interested in her at all.

Don't doubt yourself;

It's very rare that girls compliment some guys but when they does they truly means it. So when a girl is complimenting you need to throw her the most beautiful smile of yours and appreciate it. Insecure people will simply deflect the compliment with some questions or stating some vague points about why they don't deserve that compliment but those who are secure will accept the praise with pride and grace.

Call before it's too late:

If a girl gave her number to you then that means she likes you and wants to talk to you. Talking the number in your hand and making attempts to call is not enough. You need to be confident about yourself and call her much sooner than she realizes that you are either no longer interested in her or having lack of confidence to talk to her.

Don't hesitate:

If you called the girl of your dream and the phone straightaway went to voice mail then do not hesitate to leave a message for her. Be prepared for every situation and keep a message ready to deliver.

Talk directly:

After your date if you wish to go to her apartment then let her know about it directly. Insecure people looks for an excuse to get into the girls apartment but secure people are confident enough to say directly about their wishes and needs.

Don't ask or beg for goodbye kiss because it throws the moods off. Be a confident gentleman and take the initiative. If she liked you then she will surely reciprocate in the same way.

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