European And American Way Of Talking About Sex


According to New York Times, American parents are seeking different way and more comfortable way to discuss about sex with their teens. It has been proven that American parents tends to scare the teens and stop them having premarital sex whereas the European parents follows a humorous way and states the facts about sex. Talking about sex openly, teaching the teens when is the right time to do and making sure about the use of condom is what European parents aims for.

Europeans parents do not stop their teens to have sex rather they are much concerned about preparing their children when they do it. Basically they encourages in having intercourse with their partners. More than 90 percent of the European parents permits their teens to encounter in a romantic sleepovers making sure that they of sixteen years old and as well as in a loving and committed relationship.

By adopting such an approach the number of advantages increases a lot. Some of the advantages of following European methods of talking about sex are mentioned below:

  • Use of the birth control increases
  • The rates of the pregnancy decreases a lot
  • The STD rates also falls down to minimum and many more

Well someone's conscience depends solely on the teaching they receives. It has been noticed that the rate of divorce is quite high in most of the European countries and the main reason behind the divorce is because their partners are not faithful to each other. Infidelity is not the reason of divorce for the American culture. Marriages rates are way higher in America but rates of cohabitation is much more in European countries. When it comes to birth rates then America is on the way higher list than Europe.

For decades the biblical worldview has not been existed in Europe. Well the church has the chance to reassert the perspective of the God on this matter by teaching the citizens regarding the good and right about sex in context of marriage. If sex can be embraced that way then we can be sure that pregnancy rates and as well as STD rates among the teens will dramatically drop down.

Thus marriages will become more stable and strong. On adopting the God's way, the people will change their view regarding sex and will look for larger commitment. If you are blessed with faithful, long term and happy relationships then it outweighs the momentary satisfaction of having multiple sexual encounters.

Thus it is really important to understand what is right and what is wrong when it comes to having sex. Trying or adopting God's approach doesn't mean soiling the fun of sex. Rather you need to be sure that what you are doing is not a sinful approach. For the Christians it is really very important to live a pure life. With God's approach you will live a joyful life and will gain power over you temptations. This will make you a proper Christians.

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