By Mastering 3 Sex Skills You Can Become The Sex God


For most of the couples, especially men, sex holds a very strong and important position in their life. It is also true that depending on the sex life of a couple their relationship can be identified how it is going to be. Those couple who have more sex their relationship lasts long and they live a very happy and prosperous life. Those who finds sex is boring and tries to run away from sex for any reason, often end up getting frustrated and fighting with each other.

Thus so as to make your relationship with your partner more beautiful and healthy you need know how you can achieve a mind blowing and body rocking sexual experience. With only 3 steps you will have the sex of your dream and be a sex god of your partner.

Last long in bed:

The most embarrassing and frustrating situating while having sex is when guys ejaculate before the lady does. Premature ejaculation is one of the biggest problems among most of the men. In order to please your woman completely in need learn some tricks which will help you to last long in bed.

To gain control over your ejaculation you need calm yourself down and relax. Bring down your excitement level in minimum because overexcitement leads to faster ejaculation. You can also practise some physical exercise or some breathing techniques to make your mind and body calm. Once you have solved this issue you are one step closer to experience the most awesome sex of your life.

Oral sex:

If you really want to please your lady or your man then you need to know more about oral sex skills. Oral sex is much better than having regular sex. If you are a lady then you need to learn some techniques so that you are able to give your best shot and bring the most amazing orgasm to your partner.

For the guys, it might get little trickier but it will all worth it. Most guys hesitate to give oral sex to their woman because some doesn't like to and some thinks that women's won't like it. Well they are wrong because a woman's too like to get oral sex very much. So to make your night the most and incredible night of your life, you need to build up your confidence, learn some oral sex techniques and give your best shot.

Sex positions:

Most couples only believe in missionary positions and when they get bored of it they stop having sex all total. Well to have the most amazing sex life you need to spice it up a little. Nobody likes do same thing over and over again for the rest of their lives.

Variety is the key to have the most awesome sex of your life. Thus you need to learn and adapt to different positions. You might do it wrong on your first attempt but more you practise the better you will be.

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