Best Ways To Enjoy The Casual Sex


When you are sitting with your friends, most of the time the topic of sex life often crops up from the middle of any conversation. For all this time you might have been the audience and listen to other's sex stories because you haven't had such an experience which is worth to share. Now learn the all kinds of tips and tricks to enjoy the best casual sex and instead of a listener you can be a storyteller.

When you are able you share your awesome sexual experience you will gain an immense mental gratification as well as physical stimulation. To be able to share you sex story you need to experience one. Thus with the tips that are mentioned you will have the power to send your partner to the moaning zone and give her the complete satisfaction. You need to bear in mind that girls talk about their sex life with their friends too. So you need to make sure that you are satisfying her completely so that you can become the sex god in front of her friends.

Tricks and tips about best casual sex:

There is only two ways in which you can enjoy the best casual sex and they are either slowly or quickly. If you follow either one of them or both by mixing it up a little then you can get the best possible result from your sexual encounter. Let us see how slow sex or quick sex or mixed can turn a simple night into a great event.

Slow sex:

At first let us see how slow sex can give you're the best sexual experience. When you are having slow and loving sexual encounters then you are creating anticipation. This anticipation serves as the best aphrodisiacs that known to any human beings. When you are thinking about having slow sex then you have to build or create a nice environment and set the mood for sex. Being intimate with your partner or sharing a nice, romantic and sexy fantasy stories before having the actual step is a great way of starting the night.

Once the mystery is build up and you have made your partner lost in your stories and when she is moving along with the environment then you can yourself see how better your sexual experience will be.

Fast sex:

Another way of having best casual sex is by doing it quickly. For this, both, you and partner have to be up for it. It doesn't involve any type of acts or stories to build up the mood. In this type of sex all you need is a suitable place and the right mood.

If you are attending any party then bathroom or bedroom of the hosts' is the best place to encounter a quickie. After you have finished you will be physically satisfied and mentally as well. This type of sexual activity is usually performed with the person having great sexual needs and desires.

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