Age Does Not Matter If You Want To Have Great Sex Life


In the beginning stage of married life or any relationship, sex is compact with excitement, intimacy and discovery. You get lot of options to try to make it new and exciting. As time passes and age increases the sex life falls off gradually. It seems there is nothing new to do and the sex drive gradually decreases as well. This way the couple starts neglecting the sex from their life and before they know it, it erodes completely from the couple's lives.

This situation is quite normal but with only 4 simple ways you can solve this issue very easily.


Talking to your partner and listening to him or her is very important in any relationship. Couples need to communicate with each and talk about emotional or physical desires and needs. You need to let each other know what you really want and how you look at sex.

You need to be open about sex with each other and if you seem that to be impossible for your partner or yourself then you can seek help from any third party. A third party can be a anyone maybe you close friend or it can be even some sex counsellor. If you think low sex drive is because of any medication or physical problem then you can consult some physicians as well.

Focus on intimacy:

Most of the couples, especially men, think that intimacy is just a synonym of sex. It is not true at all. There are many things to do apart from sexual intercourse and orgasm. Jumping to bed and start having sexual intercourse becomes really boring and stressful at some point of life. Sometimes women love their man to be romantic and be intimate with them.

Intimacy may include many things like bathing together, touching entire body of each other, giving a sensual massage to each other and many more. This brings up the old sparks into the relationship.

Need variety:

Nobody likes to have sex in one same position every single time for the rest of their lives. It makes the relationship as well as the sexual act very boring and pale. Thus it results in losing interest from sex. A very simple solution to this problem is variety. There are many different sex positions that you can try but for that you need to discuss it with him or her about it and see whether you both will be comfortable or not.

Don't lose hope:

If you think you are not satisfied with your sex life then you need to find ways to build it up again instead of losing hope. You need to search what the problem is and find all possible solutions to erase that issue from your life.

Sitting idle and hoping everything will work out should not be your plan. You need to work for it and bring back that old days of sex life again, as it used to be before, and make it even better.

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