Addiction To Sex Is Becoming A Growing Problem


How can a person know whether he or she is addicted to something or not? To admit that you are addicted to something you need to realize that it has taken control over your life. People might think sex addiction is different from other addiction but it is not. If you start obsessing about sex, your sexual behaviour took complete power of your life, sex is the only thing that you are chasing for all the time and if you are forgetting your limits to have sex then you are a sex addict. They cannot be no longer said to be natural sex urges.

Result of being a sex addict

Those who are addicted to sex or have sort of sexual dysfunction, they themselves fell unworthy of someone's love and starts to think that they are bad person. These thoughts arise from the shame and guilt of being a person with no control of his or her behaviour.

The reason because of which the sexual behaviour increases and alienates is because they feel out of control. With the other people around that person knows that there is some problem and this makes the sex addict more paranoid about what they are thinking. This result in making themselves isolated from the rest of the world so as to hide their problem from others.

Reason behind being a sex addict

There are certain people who face sexual dysfunction. Instead of dealing with the sexual issues they try to hide their pain in some other behaviours and illness. This avoiding nature and misleading guidance result in being a sex addict in order to prove the whole world that they are fine.

Another reason of ending up being a sex addict is that people thinks that when sex does not hurt anyone then why it would even matter to be a sex addict. Well the truth behind this is if you are having guilt about the sexual relationship with your partner then it will surely affect to your partner as well. This kind of thoughts arises from repression and /or obsession of addictive thinking. Then the thoughts are followed by the behaviour.

Sex is a natural and very beautiful part of your life. If it results in full of shame and guilt, make you feel empty, deviant and abnormal then it will surely affect your partner or to the person with whom you are having meaningless sexual relationships with.

Today when we hear the word intimacy we immediately think about sex. Well intimacies are not the same or close to having sex. Being intimate means you are letting a person close to you to know each other, share a moment and share your each others heart.

We all want to love someone and be loved by someone. This need can only be fulfilled with a loving relationship between each other. Once this relationship has been built sex will automatically be a natural and beautiful part of your life.

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