20 Sexual Secrets Of Practicing Tantric Sex

There are many sexual secrets by following which you will earn great advantages from tantric sex. Only 20 secrets are mentioned below:

  • Don't wander around: Many people stays absent in the present moment and starts wandering thoughts about something else. To enjoy sex properly you need to be present in the moment.
  • Just focus: You need to focus on what you are doing. Turn off your computer or TV and take complete advantage of your desire.
  • Create fantasies: With the fantasies you can be much more erotic, attentive and playful. Be involved in your fantasy to make it better.
  • Make the mood: to make the mood you need to change the atmosphere. Adjust the lighting of the room, use incense or scented candles and obviously the tone of the music.
  • Have some natural aphrodisiacs: With some of the sensual foods you can turn on the sexual desire in, both, men and women. Some foods like juicy fruits, coco and oysters give the best result.
  • Don't keep any expectations: Believe in what is happening and enjoy every moment of it. Expectation can bring you down sometime.
  • Never fear: grow confidence in yourself and forget about all the fears. The more successfully you can do it the more aroused you will be.
  • Feel your surroundings: live in the moment, try to feel each and every sensation. The environment, your breathing, emotions, and sounds. It doesn't matter whether you are with your partner or alone but you need to be conscious all the time.
  • Colour holds a great power: Use the right colour of candles, lighting, and fabric and, most importantly, the colour of the lingerie to make the right environment.
  • Make a proper use of Chakra energies: Chakras are the stations along your central axis. With this energy you are able your express your emotions, attitudes and actions properly.
  • Increase your Kundalini: Kundalini is the major energy force of the life. It helps to awaken and merging of the spiritual natures.
  • Let her lead sometime: It is great to be a man in the bed and lead all the love making decisions but let your women lead sometime.
  • Go with the flow: to have a awesome sexual experience you need to follow your heart and go with what situation demands.
  • Don't hesitate: have a soft, slow, loving sexual act to woo the lady and bring her orgasm faster.
  • Let her know: talk about your sex life and express how much you enjoy it or how can you make it even better.
  • Reach new level: you need to discover the deep interlink between spirituality and sexuality.
  • Sex is the strongest weapon: sex is the most energetic and powerful healer of our spirit body and mind.
  • Pleasure is the most divine gift: with sex you can satisfy your partner mentally, physically and, obviously, sexually.
  • Grown pure ecstasy: Wit Tantric sex you can reach a new level of sexual arousal being completely relaxed as well.
  • Release energy: transmitting energy is the great way to feel connected to each other.

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