5 Ways To Make Sex Last For Long


Everyone wants to last long in bed and have great sexual experience. Well now you can do it if you keep on reading the article and discover how.

There are 5 simple and easy ways by following which you can have longer lasting sex. Those 5 ways are mentioned below:

  • Enjoy each and every step of the sex act so as to enjoy the whole sexual experience. Never be too serious about the sex act with your partner. You need to relax and stop feeling tense and so uptight. Once you follow the beat the move accordingly if you notice it for yourself that you and your partner as well are enjoying a great sex. Sex should come out from natural body instincts and it should be kept that way. Once you let it happen you will have the most satisfied sexual pleasure.
  • Communication is very important: If you are going through any sexual issues and problems then you need to talk to your partner about it. Let her know about your concerns regarding these matters and let her know what she need to do to make it better. The more you talk freely about sex with your partner the stronger bonding you will have with your partner. Communication will decrease the tension and anxiety around your partner. After you have talked through all the matters you will yourself feel very relaxed and free of stress.
  • Foreplay leads to better sexual experience. Yes it is very true that foreplay is very necessary to have the perfect sexual experience. Women not only want to get satisfied physically but they also look for mental stimulation. Create a world of fantasy and dreams where your partner can get lost in. the more sensual and sexually active your fantasy will be the better sexual experience you will have. To give your woman a mind blowing and body rocking sexual fun you need to seed all the naughty thoughts in her mind before you actually get in to the bed.
  • Cut out all the roots that lead to premature ejaculation. We all are quite aware about the fact that men ejaculate way faster than women. It doesn't help you to have pleasurable sexual experience at all. You need to last long before you ejaculate. There some simple ways to control your ejaculation. Try to make your body and mind relax and calm. Don't ever get over excited about the sex because it leads to ejaculate faster. if you think you are going faster and you are about to come then you need to step back and relax yourself. Then again go for it. This will help you a lot to gain power over your ejaculation.
  • Don't thrust much with your pelvis. While having sex, men generally moves their pelvis more than women and this often leads to premature ejaculation. Instead of you doing it more, allow your partner to do something about it while you hold back.

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