5 Best Possible Ways To Enhance Your Sex Life

Tips to make your sex life better:

  • Have you ever thought about outdoor sex? Yes it is true that having sex in an open environment right under the nature is a great way to make your sex life better and exciting. Any forest or a secluded beach can turn out to be a great location for having a fun sex. All you need is one or two blanket and find a nice location where you are sure that you will not be bothered by anyone. Though the idea of being seen by anyone adds some extra thrill to this adventure.
  • Visit nude beach to have a great sex in your bedroom that day. There are many resorts where you will have the option of going to their nude beach and those resorts are growing a huge reputation because of obvious reasons. Most of those beaches are only for couples or at least for adults. This way you can be sure that there will not be any strange men or some teenagers gawking and making it uncomfortable for you. Being in a nude beach with your partner adds a sensual flavour to the sex life. Once you try nude bathing you will forget the idea of swimsuits.
  • Talk to your partner about your fantasies while making love to each other. When you are already aroused while having sex, it is the best time to cast all your desires separately and tell your partner bout your sexual fantasies. It is quite normal to have some fantasies and it is nothing to feel ashamed about. It adds and spice up your bedroom drastically and you might even embark upon a new beginning of your sex life. You will be surprised by seeing how positively your partner will respond to it.
  • Did you ever watch erotic movie with your lover? Erotic movies are not considered as porn movies they are rather slow and soft porn erotica which you can easily rent form some local movie library. They are very sexy movies and help a lot to enhance the sex drive in both men and women. If you are the shy one to seduce your partner but also want to make a move on your partner then this movies are the best way to do it.
  • If nothing works then you can always visit any swingers club. These clubs are not at all intimidating and if you don't wish to do anything then you won't be forced by anyone. There will be a bar where you can relax and you won't have deal with people having sex right in front your face. There are private places for that. You can at least meet some new friendly people and it will add a new discussion to talk about at home, in your bedroom.

If you are in a long term relationship with your partner and felling low sex drive then instead of giving up sex try the above mentioned tips to bring back the old sexual spark in your relationship.

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