3 Sex Positions Proven To Be The Best Exercise


There are many people out there who feel that they need to work out to tone up their body but end up disappointing themselves due to busy work schedule. In this matter no matter how hard you try you never succeed making time for going to gym. Even in holidays you would very much like to enjoy the day with your family or taking rest at home.

Being out of shape is a great concern of most of the married couples or mid age persons. If you are one of them then you need to learn how you sex life can help you to stay in shape and tone up your body as well. Yes, it is true that sex can be a great form of exercise. Let us see which three sex positions can help you to tone your body and which parts does they affects.

Missionary positions

The missionary position involves lots of stretching, lengthening and toning of your inner thighs. When you are wrapping up your leg around the lower back of you partner's and movement of your pelvis to sync the thrust is the best work out for the abdominal muscles. It is a great work out for the gluteal muscles.

The targeted areas for the missionary positions are inner and outer thighs, gluteal muscles, Kegal muscles and last but not the least lower and upper abdomens.

Doggy positions

To build and tone up the upper body strength the doggy style is a great sex positions for that. Take a position where you will lean on your arms and clasp both your hands together. Keep your shoulders in backwards position and squeeze both of your hands to engage the shoulders, forearms and the back of the shoulders.

For better result and toning up your arms, back and shoulder you can try doggy style while push ups if you have enough strength in your forearms. The targeted areas for the doggy style positions are Kegal muscle, Gluteal muscle, shoulder blades, pectorals, triceps and forearms.

Cowgirl positions

There are many exercises that are offered by the cowgirl position. With this sex position you are able to build a strong abdominal muscle. During the bucking bronco position you need to arch your back which provides a great impact on the lower back muscles. in this position you need to keep your hands one any side of head of the partner and put all the weights on your arm. To tone up your body this provides a great endurance.

Along with everything, with doggy style position you will be able to build a strong lower and upper abdomen and tone up your gluteal muscles. During the penetration you need to keep on moving your hips in up and down fashion. This requires lots of energy but provides great work out for toning up your body and increasing the strength.

Follow this sex positions while you are making love to your partner and you don't have to think about going to gym anymore.

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