How Herbal Male Enhancement Works? The Complex Hormonal And Sexual Dynamics

If you are reading this post, it is because you are interested in herbal male enhancement. While you already believe in their efficacy, you wish to know or understand every little detail about them - including how they work. Well, you would not have gone to a better place. In this article, we take an in-depth look at the sexual and hormonal dynamics associated with herbal male enhancement pills.

Men who pursue male enhancement usually have one or more sexual health problems that inhibit their performance. Premature ejaculation can make a man less interested in sex due to the accompanying humiliation. Erectile dysfunction is yet another problem that could make a man stay away from sexual intercourse. Low sex drive and decreased stamina are other problems that men suffer capable of interfering with their performance in the bedroom.

All the aspects surrounding sex must be addressed for your sexual performance to get back into the way it was, and this is how herbal male enhancement pills work. It targets the very things that have to do with the whole sexual process from having sexual thoughts to arousal, and finally orgasm - the brain.

It is imperative to understand that all the sexual stages are controlled by complex chemical reactions referred to as neurotransmitters. The neurotransmitters usually work on the brain as well as other parts of the body to ensure optimal functionality. Four hormones are responsible for your sexual performance, and when they are low, it becomes impossible for you to be at your best. They include;

Dopamine - this chemical is known to improve sexual arousal. Low levels of dopamine, caused by medications among many other factors may lead to decreased libido. You may end up having minimal sexual thoughts and desire. To enhance production of dopamine, look for male enhancement pills containing ingredients such as Muira Puama, yohimbe, Damiana, gingko biloba and folic acid.

Acetylcholine - besides ensuring that your sexual arousal capabilities are in check, acetylcholine enhances its sustenance. Low levels of this hormone translate to low concentrations during sex which has the potential to interfere with the arousal process. Acetylcholine also facilitates the production of human growth hormone which is highly needed in penile growth, libido, and erections. Look for male enhancement pills containing choline, manganese, and omega three fatty acids.

GABA - Some men have difficulties reaching climax. It is probably due to low levels of GABA - a chemical responsible for determining the intensity of your orgasms. GABA works on putting you in the right moods for sex, and ultimately for intensified orgasms. Besides taking GABA supplements, take ME pills that have kava kava, B vitamins as well as amino acids.

Serotonin - Serotonin is critical to the resolution stage during sex. Serotonin is responsible for ensuring that you are in good moods. When in bad spirits, or struggling with stress, anxiety, or fear, it is impossible to perform in the bedroom efficiently. To increase your serotonin levels, look for pills containing ingredients such as magnesium, saffron extract, and omega three fatty acids.

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