The Qualities That Women Look for

Dating can be torture when you are looking for the right woman. Women today have raised their standards as to what they are looking for in a man. Most men try to hard to land the date that they don't take into consideration what the woman is really looking for in a partner.

Another common problem is that men try to look to other men for the answer to what women want. If they knew what women wanted then they wouldn't be single. Now you have the chance to see exactly what women are looking for so you can see if you meet up to what they expect.

Women want a man who is comfortable with his feelings. They do not want a man who hides from what they feel. They want a man to be honest and open about what is going on.

Now that doesn't mean you have to spill your feeling out on a daily basis but let her know that you value what she thinks and ask her for her opinion.

Let he know when you are happy or when something upsets you. Above all compliment her. Women love to hear good things about themselves as it keeps their confidence up as well as makes them feel good.

Women want a man who can cook. They do not want to feel that the man is just looking to replace their mother. They want a man who is confident and one that can take care of himself.

A woman doesn't want to feel tied to the kitchen and she will welcome a man who can take the pressure off the relationship. It also shows her that you consider her an equal.

So brush up on those grilling techniques of yours or take up a quick basic cooking class and who knows, maybe you might meet your next date right at the class.

Most women want a family at some point in their life. So your values on family will be very important to her. Remember, that just because she is asking about how you feel on the topic of children, doesn't mean that she is picturing the two of you walking down the isle.

She is just keeping her priorities in check. The fact is she may not want a family till a much later time in her life.

Women love to see a man show excitement about things. This is an emotion that most men keep hidden but when a woman sees this side of a man she will most likely find that very attractive.

When a woman sees this side of a man they take it as a sign of trust, so don't be afraid to show when something makes you happy.

If you find that you have a woman that interests you, take a mental picture of what and who you are and ask yourself do you fit the description of what a woman wants? If you find that you are lacking some things then you may want to brush up on how to open up better in relationships.

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