Meeting Your Online Date For The First Time - Check Out Some Great Safety Tips

The online dating consists of two parts - (i) finding the right candidate and (ii) developing a relationship with that person.

The first part takes a lot of time and effort as choosing from among hundreds of profiles available, short listing the best matches, studying their profiles, writing personalized emails and so on - can steal a chunk of your time.

The second part - developing the relationship you hoped for - is even more difficult because you need to enter the person's mind and judge his/ her compatibility only through chatting.

You do not have the advantage here to check on the body language, appearance and facial expressions. It is quite tough to get yourself to believe and trust this person - but you gradually do so and one day, you both decide that the time has come to meet each other.

The best safety tip is to use only dating agencies that guarantee background checks. These agencies have specialized agencies that check into each and every member's background and match the findings with the information provided in their profile.

If this does not verify, the profile would be blocked.

The D-Day - Some Things That Would Make It Great

Safety first and foremost - never trust a person one hundred percent. When you go to meet this person, ensure that you carry some self-defense mechanism with you.

You also need to have someone know where you are going, for how long and have them stand by in case of an emergency - which do not fool yourself that cannot happen to you.

Let a friend or relative check on you and if you are not back by a pre-agreed time, sound an alarm. Your life can depend on such precautions - do not ignore them.

Meet always in a crowded and easily accessible area. Coffee house, shopping malls' eateries, posh restaurants are god choices.

Do not go to hotel rooms, deserted beaches, country side inns or motels or any place which is secluded and far from civilization. You should be able to get away on foot if required - so choose a place where communication is easy to get.

Set the rules early - if your date is too physical, the language they use is offensive or they make you uncomfortable, go ahead and say so. Remember, this person could be mentally sick - so do not upset them.

Just mention that you need to go and end the date as soon as you can.

In case it becomes dangerous call your friend/ relative and ask them for help (you need to have re-agreed code for this - like a simple statement 'I find him/ her great really' could be the indication for your friend to call the police).

Keep the conversation light and clear of controversies - do not use the first date for controversial discussions. Wait until you know more about the person you are meeting.

Sometimes, controversies trigger very peculiar reactions in different people and you do not need a scary encounter.

Keep sex out - never agree for a sexual interaction on the first date. It is important that you first learn about the person in depth before agreeing to be with him/ her in a secluded/ private place.

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