The Most Serious Mistakes That You Should Avoid While On First Date

First dates are always fun since it is that point when you are beyond sending texts or talking over the phone. You gain the potential to meet, know each other well and judge your date right from appearance to behavior. The judgment is also made to see if you are socially competent enough. Therefore, if you want things to move forward, it is essential to show your best during the first date itself.

Actually, the fact is that most men commit some serious mistakes on their first date, which make them loose the chance of going on the next date again. In fact, they think it is right and are not aware that they are doing something wrong.

Be yourself

This is very crucial when it is about the first date. Many men tend to change their personality or their way of walking and talking. They are either trying to copy lines of some romantic movies or simply become very serious. This actually becomes really pathetic for your date to handle.

Remember the fact why she has agreed to date you is because she felt you are somewhat different from the other guys with whom she has interacted in the past. So, there's no reason why you should over-exaggerate yourself by imitating like someone else or change your behavior by keeping quiet.

Don't take things very seriously, by cracking jokes or laughing with your date, you will not lose the girl. Maintain a friendly vibe with the woman, so that she also would feel comfortable in your presence and does not take much time to mingle with you.

Don't ask like an interviewer

When men become too serious on a first date, they usually start asking questions like in a job interview. Questions like “what are your future plans?” or “how many members you have in your family?” can be left for the coming days after you have spent enough time with her. Asking such questions on the first date can make things depressing.

Rather, talk about good movies, books, her hobbies and different fun-like stuff. You can ask her some basic questions, but avoid making it the main point of your date. You are there to have fun with her and make her feel that she can also have fun with you. Stay cool, calm, interesting and comfortable with her, so that you get her attention.

Don't buy gifts

Most men bring flowers or chocolates for the woman on the first day of dating. This is not a good idea. Since both of you are meeting for the first time and are not yet in a relationship, gifting her something would not make her suspicious and confused. She would keep thinking what does this gift actually mean. So, just relax and meet her like a friend on the first date and not like a potential dating partner.

Avoid going to boring places

When it is about first dates, nothing can be more important than having sheer fun. So, the best places to go would be carnivals, golf parks, parks rather than going to some dinner or a movie. You can also make up your own unique ideas to have the best fun time with your girl.

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