Honest Assessment Before Starting A New Relationship After A Break-up

Breakups leave scars behind and this causes a hindrance when you try to get into a new relationship. Such breakups damage your ego, sanity and emotions. The dirty old baggage from your previous relationship always reminds you of your failure in finding an ideal partner. Actually, at some phase you will be ready to enter the dating world and find the right person.

Make an honest assessment

Breakups are tough but not pointless. It is wise to make an honest assessment before entering into another relationship with a more capable partner. Make certain that you are completely capable to take care of yourself or you are destined to repeat the mistakes. Besides no girl desires to date an unmotivated failure or an insecure person, so take time to self-examine yourself. Evaluate yourself -

  • Are you comfortable being single? You have to be at ease with yourself and avoid accepting relationships with just any girl.
  • Are you desperate to seek the ideal girl – tonight? Every time seeking for the Mrs Right indicates that you are desperate for any girl that fills in the gap. It is your personal emotions and weakness that people can sense and take advantage.
  • Are you able to look at your previous relationship honestly? Breakup is not just one sided. Both were wrong and accepting the responsibility will permit you to change and prevent disasters in future relationships.
  • You are certain of what you want and vice versa? You are well aware about the character traits and personality you desire in a partner. You are prepared to say ‘NO', if the person lacks quality that you desire.
  • Can you detect the genuine person? Love is blind and brains go crazy. During this solid emotional state, will you be able to judge the girl honestly or will she be able to get over and forget the pangs.

Nurture your existing relationships

Avoid shut yourself behind doors, especially during the depression. Breakup periods need support from friends. Engage in your existing healthy relationships, which will surely help you get out of this bad phase. Time heals wounds. Talking with someone can decrease your emotions. There are people out there, who care for you. Consciously take time and attend parties and clubs.

Don't go fast – Take your time

Go slowly and don't allow any new girl to play with you. Protect yourself and never be too trusting. Getting into relationship rapidly after your sour experience can be just that you desire to forget the pain. Avert from an urgency to distract your senses in the adverse direction causing more heartbreaks.

Charming the right kind of partner

Until you get mentally prepared to get into committed relationships focus on enjoying the moment. Have fun and let things happen naturally. Expand your new social circle and cherish your old ones.

Constantly trying to appeal can at times be awkward because she may want to have a serious relationship, but you don't. It will subconsciously put you under stress, making you feel like an ‘updateable' material. Take your time and correct everything in your life and you will be ready, when the right girl arrives.

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