Four Things To Consider Before Dating A Stripper

For some females being a stripper is a lifestyle which provides them with free alcohol, drugs, fast money, and constant admiration. There are quite a few people in the society who are not happy with their profession. Some of them never prefer to back out of this profession as there is lots of fun, money, drugs, lust, and appreciation involved in it.

The point here is that this profession has no future and no scope, except for the fact that you earn enough money. However two strippers from each other

They differ in many ways:

  • Way of life
  • Principles
  • Motives
  • Appearance

Men usually are not comfortable in entering into a relationship with a stripper, as they hardly know them. They might prefer to date them, but are hesitant when it comes to relationship. With proper understanding and faith, men can make such relationship work.

Know About Her

First consider the reason – why she is stripping?

She might have preferred this job, to take care of her family or sponsor her education. It means she prefers to quit this job, if you want her to. She wants to earn money for a reason, and once that is served she will be happy to quit the job. Such an attitude makes her quite different than other strippers who merely work for earning money and nothing more.

If she intends to enjoy the glamour part of her profession then she will never quit the work, which can drift your relationship.

Second consider her future plans – is it just a necessity or career?

You love her, but there is something about her that you strongly don't like about her. Such women are usually not accepted by elderly people. As per them no genuine self-respecting female would parade nude around in the club with dignity. Also this is not a secured job, which means as long as you are able to work you will earn.

If you fall sick or don't turn up for a day to work, then there is no pay. If you lose your job, then it might become quite a challenge to find another one with the similar pay. So, all these factors need to be considered prior to working her fulltime.

Third consider your affection for her - closeness

Stripper's life is quite fast. Every day of their work is challenging, as they have to meet lots of people, and some of them might not respect them at all. The client's remark might degrade them and hurt them. They meet people who have same kind of expectations from them, and there is nothing new in their work.

Fourth consider the pros – Dating a stripper

Strippers are enticing, beautiful, sexy, and fun. Her profession is to arouse their clients and excite them. In returns they earn good money. They not only strip but have sex with their clients. In fact it comes with a complete package of fun and excitement. Her life is quite tough and challenging, which is quite necessary to be understood.

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