Dating A Friend – How To Ask For A Date?

A majority of people agree that good friendships can get converted into the best long time relationships. Dating a friend reduces the discomfort of getting to understand one another. However, aiming to start dating relationship with her is demanding. First step is how to ask her for a date because it can turn out to be unpredictable. Maybe it can change your relationship forever – positively or negatively.

  • She might not have considered you as a possible mate
  • She may consider you to be a brotherly figure more than a lover
  • She may not want to lose your friendship and refuse you

What steps to take?

There comes a time when you have to move away from your friendly zone and approach her. However, before that take your time to find out if she is comfortable enough, when you are around. Even you must be at ease to approach her and take the chance.

Read her body language

Her big smile, sparkling eyes and excitement in her voice will display her happiness while talking with you. Now, how to find out if she has the same feeling as yours? Well, it is easy as she is a bit close and within your comfort zone. This is a sign, which indicates she likes you. She will be eager to keep on talking and adding a flirty giggle occasionally. Obviously, her behaviour appears a bit more than friendly, so make use of such signs.

Recognizable signs that tell you she likes you:

  • Even in a group she pays you more attention
  • She gets personal
  • She compliments you a lot
  • She twirls or tosses her hair

Wait for the right timing

If you are sure about her body language then you can be honest about your feelings. Schedule a time alone with her, but request this in person rather than over a mobile or chat lines. Talking about it around other friends can seem very awkward because this is something intimate. Gather your confidence and be the genuine person, she knows you to be. Inner beauty does attract. Let her know the reason you like her and desire to be her boyfriend that is someone more than a friend.

Positive attitude

Make certain that asking for a date does not ruin your friendship. So, avoid pressurizing her for an answer. Give her space. She may be shocked because she may not be aware of the fact that she too likes you. Let her know that there is no stress, if she does not feel the same it is fine and you would be happy to just continue and remain good friends. Uphold a positive attitude – the words were from your heart. It was an honest and courageous performance. Remember friendships do not always transform into romance.

Display your affection

Basically, if you admire your friend display your affection. It can be displayed using your body language – hug her, stand close and compliment her. Women love compliments. Be a good listener and in due course she will feel it and respond. If she is not aware about your feelings, she will never ever choose you.

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