No Matter If She Doesn't Like Whites, You Can Still Be Her Choice

Many times it happens that you have a crush on a girl, but she is not interested in you for some stupid reason. May be she has some silly superficial beliefs or some messed up philosophy about dating.

You want her at any cost, but you are hesitating to step forward because of her silly reasons. Can you try your best to get her regardless of her tricky thoughts?

May be she is not much into you due to some physical preferences. However, you need not be depressed because once she understands you completely she might be truly impressed. Your charm, behaviour, nature and overall personality are sure to attract her.

Assume that you are white and you like a girl who doesn't prefer whites. How can you impress her? Well, here are some common problems that you can come across in this situation.

Personal Preferences

It is well known that everyone has their own choices, interests, likes, dislikes and preferences. You must have often heard the saying, “Each to their own” which means different people have different preferences.

You can't expect someone to share their likes and dislikes with you, but it can be a co-incidence though. The person you like may not prefer you due your colour or some other reason. However, it doesn't really mean that they hate you or they don't want to see you.

Many of them don't look at you as their dating partners and consider you just as their normal friends. Well, in this situation. Don't make the mistake of being desperate or over-possessive, as you can't force somebody to like you.

May be with time, they change their preference because of your qualities. Hence, instead of being heavy on them, try to flabbergast them with your charm.

Changing yourself to get someone can backfire

Many times, you come across cases, where people tend to change themselves entirely in order to impress the person they like. For instance, the girl doesn't like you the way you are and actually she is expecting someone else with you.

Okay, she said that she doesn't like long hairs, and you get a haircut. One day, she'll say that she likes body piercing or tattooing and you'll get your body pierced or tattooed for her sake. You will, end up spending a lot of money on expensive salons just to impress her.

Some people change so much that they can't even find their true selves later. Even people get away from their friends and families just for that one person. Even with all these changes, they may not like you and hence, you start hating your new version.

Be self-confident

Don't change yourself for someone who can't accept you the way you are. It is better to move on, instead of begging someone who doesn't really care to be yours.

Don't sacrifice yourself in the relationship. Date those who like you the way you are and don't expect some silly changes from you.

Be the “Real You” to get the “Real Partner”.

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