Be Careful About The Pitfalls Of Dating In The Same Industry

Dating somebody in your workplace is totally different from dating someone in the same industry, though it sounds a bit similar.

We have the examples of writers Stephen King and Tabitha King, politicians Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton, Actors Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, artist Farida Kahlo and Diego Rivera and many more. They might not be the co-writers of a book, workers in the same office, actors of the same movie or share a canvas.

However, their field of work is identical. Hence they definitely interact with each other many times during the working hours. They must have travelled in the same circles, their problems and trouble might be identical and the goal they want to achieve can be similar.

Finding your personal partner from your professional circle is not much difficult. You will interact with different persons working in the same field, and having similar interests. You can definitely get attracted to the person, who is just like you in many aspects.

Moreover, same field daters are more likely to understand each other's problems may be personal or professional, as they share a kind of similar thinking.

However, as every coin has two sides and every rose comes up with thorns, dating in the similar industry also have some downsides. This article will provide you with some common pitfalls of dating a person belonging to the same industry.

Professional Competition

Dating a fellow actor, doctor, writer or any other worker, who shares the same title with you, may have some downsides. There can be conflicts of interests of the partners in their professional lives.

May be they both support different clients or they might contest for a particular project. This competition can lead to the trouble in their personal lives.

You are dating each other, but professionally you are opponents. This can lead to a feeling of cheating in one's mind. May be one shares other's secret professional details to the boss to get a promotion or one cheats other by giving fake information to make him/her drop down in the profession.

Difference in posts

You are working in the similar industry, but there may be a difference in your work posts. One may be earning more than the other.

If you are not as much successful as your partner is, will you be able to praise him/her for the good work. Can you successfully ignore your feelings of rejection and hurt?

Moreover, will you be willing to go on top by making your partner fall in his/her work?

These types of decisions are often difficult to make and bring complications in a healthy relationship.

Interactions with mutual people

While working in the same industry, you will definitely interact with the people, who are mutual to you both. You will get to know many things about each other's past, may be good or bad. You can even experience some fake rumours about your partner.

In such situations, if you don't have enough trust on each other, your relationship can easily collapse.

Therefore, it is up to you to know how to handle your relationship. Be supportive and understanding. This avoids the above given complications and you can enjoy a healthy relationship.

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