Simple Tips For Getting A First Date

Asking him/her out for the first date is probably the most difficult task. It can sometimes be a nerve-wracking experience. Most people find it really difficult to ask someone out for a date.

The major reason is the fear of being rejected. This fear often forces people to give up before even trying. However, this fearful attitude will never allow you to be confident. You'll always feel the embarrassment and hesitation, when you talk to your guy or girl.

Though it is a bit risky, asking him/her out for a date can be greatly rewarding, if you possess some relevant qualities. However, it in not 100% sure that you will get a “yes” from the opposite side, but at least you can increase your odds.

Skilful flirting accompanied with a little planning can really get you on the right path. This article provides you with some simple tips, which will assist you to make your girl or guy, agree for the date.

Be nice and impressive

  • Your behaviour, words and style must be pleasant and nice towards your would be partner.
  • Don't try to overpower his/her interests with excessive praising.
  • Also don't over-highlight your qualities, property, qualification etc. This can give you the image of a douche bag or a creep.
  • You surely don't want to sound desperate. Hence, have some decent attitude while communicating with him/her.
  • Be nice and ask some interesting questions that can lead the conversation. This way, you can be perfectly comfortable with each other.

How to know whether the other person is interested or not?

You recently met someone, and experienced some soft feelings for the person. You, now want to step forward and make a good relationship. However, before planning something, re-observe the interaction you had with him/her.

  • He/she was continuously smiling and laughing at the jokes you cracked. They were friendlier with you. If this is the case, it means they are also interested in you.
  • However, if they reacted in the opposite manner and if they were sombre or dull with you, then it is high time to quit the thought of going forward with them.

Get well prepared

  • If you have some mutual friends, then ask about the interests of the person, whom you are interested in.
  • If you do not have any mutual friend, then recall the talks you had before and try to remember if they mentioned any of their interests.

Plan your date, according to the interests of the other person.

Asking them

Don't make the mistake of asking them out for a date through a text message or an email. Try to ask them personally and if you can't due to some reason, then it is recommended to make a phone call.

Tell them that you really enjoyed the time with them, and you want to give your friendship a chance to get stronger. Make this conversation light and impressive.

Following these tips will increase your chances of getting a “yes” from your dream boy or girl.

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