It's How You Would Reveal Your Confidence Through A Proper Body Language

They might have always advised you to be confident while approaching a girl, and also when you are with her. It's the most alluring thing that women find in a man, his confidence. However then, you might be left with a confused expression on your face, as how to reveal the same.

Ok, so like many other guys, you too lack an idea as how to express yourself as a confident guy in front of her. It's primarily through your body language. The way you stand, move, or even position your different body parts like head etc. can well display your confidence. In-fact, women have always been quite expert in interpreting those. They determine how confident and attractive you are, simply by your body language. Hence, the very next thing that you might be curious to know about would be what exactly it means to poses a perfect and impressive body-language.

Let Your Eyes Talk

It's truly said that eyes are the best medium that express one's thought. It reveals a lot about you and about things going on inside your mind. Hence, it's not only about making a proper eye contact, but rather you also need to retain it properly for long.

Most guys would stare at the girl they find attractive. However, as soon as she notices it, and looks back at him, he would simply look away, or even bend his head down. Now, it's something that creates a very bad impression, and reveals you as a low confident guy. Even if not low confidence, they would usually interpret it as you are not honest enough to express your feelings.

Hence, it's always advisable to retain your eye contact, to look at her the way you have been. You needn't get shy, or try to be a ‘good-guy' and bend your head down. Be confident, hold your look, let your eyes talk to her and convey your confidence, and finally walk to her and start flirting.

Do You Stand With A Confident Posture

You might have never bothered about the way you stand in front of the girl you find attractive. In-fact, you have always been so focused staring at her, and impressing her that you forget about whether the standing-posture is right or not.

It can be really unimpressive when you stand in a slouchy or loose body posture. Yes, you are doing it right with your eyes that are ‘talking' to her. However, your body posture too needs to reveal confidence. Stand straight, puffing out your chest and relaxing your shoulders. It's what that conveys the right signal to them, and they find it really impressive.

Smile but Within A Limit

Ok, you might have always felt like keeping a smiley face to be friendly with her and making her feel easy. Indeed, it's quite good to smile. However, it need not be continuous and all the time. It's good that you are making her laugh and letting her have a great time, but you needn't have too much of facial expressions. Try being funny, but mystique too at the same time.

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