Useful Tips For Men Who Like To Have Friendship With Fairer Sex

Generally, it is believed that women are very unpredictable and often do not react the same way to any given situation each time it occurs. Also, no individual is alike and they differ in several ways such as their likes, dislikes, etc.

Dating a woman needs a lot of efforts, especially if you want to see her for a long time. If you like her and want to take her to bed, then you need to learn how and what she prefers, before you even try anything on your partner.

We all like good looking men and women, but how far can you build a relationship based on looks? To have a long lasting relationship, you need to understand the other person's emotions, feelings, behavior, reactions, ideas, etc. Even if it is all about sexual pleasure, men need to understand that women think from their hearts. You touch her heart and she is all yours.

Women always love men who are concerned about them and secure them from everything. As compared to men, they are quite sensitive and emotional. If you don't respect their feelings then they will never fall for you. Almost every woman is the same, when it comes to choose a man as per their qualities.

What do women like in her man?

  • Guys don't try to put up things in front of her. She is too smart for that and will easily detect the same.
  • They don't like immature men, and usually avoid their company. If you think that you can easily impress her with your talk, then rethink. She might find you bore, instead.
  • It is always good to be honest, rather faking. She will not like the act at all.
  • Women are quite emotional and need someone to comfort them, always. They need a man whose actions pronounce protectiveness.
  • She likes men who talk intelligent. Don't make a fool of yourself, by taking anything that makes no sense at all.
  • Loyalty, kind gestures, well manners and other will help you in maintaining your relationship.

What are the mistakes man commit while dating women?

  • Don't let your insecurity take over your confidence. She is too smart and will easily know what you intend to do. Try something genuine that will please her, rather doing anything that will take her away from you.
  • Be a good listener, as she loves to talk a lot.
  • Don't to woo them by flattering or overdoing things. Women easily identify this kind of hypocrisy and try to avoid friendship with you.

How to approach women?

You need to be confident and do the right things that will make her happy. Take up light conversation, as she is surely not interested in discussing the world economy with you. If you are not sure what to talk, then let her do that. Make her comfortable so that she can talk something that she is comfortable with.

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