How To Make Your Blind Date Successful?

If you ever go on a date with a person whom you are not acquainted at all, it is necessary to do a bit of planning. Nowadays, such kind of blind date can be arranged either with the help of common friends or through internet chatting. Most of such dates usually end up by visiting a movie theater or by participating as a dancing partner in a party.

Engage your partner in conversation

It is better to avoid such kind of blind dates, but if you cannot keep away from it then you must allow the woman to do most of the talking, while you try to be an active listener. Since you do not know much about her, you need to be careful while conversing, so that you do not offend her. There is a possibility that she might turn out to be the right person for you.

During your blind date, it is important to keep your conversation restricted only to your present work or your personal choices etc. Try to engage your partner in friendly conversation instead of boasting about yourself. Also, make sure that you give maximum attention to her so that she feels comfortable talking to you.

Another thing that you must remember while on a blind date is that you must never ask her any question that can be answered either with Yes or No. In that case, the conversation will never progress. You must try to ask some open questions, which will help her to talk a lot of things. Also, it is essential to listen to her instead of talking much.

When you are engaged in conversation with your girl, you must maintain proper eye contact with her. This will give an impression that you are really interested in her.

Never show off

Many people often commit mistake during their blind date by showing off too much. Most of the time, your partner is turned off by looking at your costly wrist watch or a flashy mobile phone. Even if you happen to be a rich person, never show your money while paying your bill. It is better to pay your bill by using your debit card, which will make your girl feel comfortable about you.

Most of the times, when you go on a blind date you are not too sure whether the woman will be too fat or a perfect blonde. Since you have to bear with her only for a night, accept her the way she is. Do not give an impression that you are disappointed with her looks.

End conversation in a friendly way

After meeting her, whether you like her or not, you must make a good plan on how to end the conversation. You must always end your tête-à-tête with a good note, so that your partner is not offended.

In all matters, like inviting for a dance or initiating a kiss or to start any conversation, as a man you must take the first step. She must feel that you are leading her and not being led by her.

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