How To Know What Your Woman Really Wants From You?

Many of us do not know what a woman is really looking for while choosing her partner. This is quite natural, as they say that men are from Mars while women are from Venus. The thinking pattern of women and men are quite different from each other. It is therefore difficult for a man to predict what a woman really wants from him.

Let us therefore try to unravel the secrets in the following paragraphs and find out what a woman really wants from her man, so that it will help you to develop a proper relationship with the woman of your choice.

Women desire security

One of the foremost desires of a woman is their security. Therefore, you need to convince her that you can provide her the security. Then she will be naturally interested in you. Security is not just personal, but financially as well. Women like smart and witty men, but they also desire men, who have stable income and a good job. Good education is another important criterion, as it can provide good scope of earning.

Women prefer men, who are more masculine not only in appearance, but also in their behavior. Women feel more secured in the presence of a masculine person.

Some women are too demanding and desire that their man is attractive as well. Therefore, they often emphasize about their personal care and grooming.

Women Like to Spend Quality time With their Partner

Normally, a woman would like to spend some quality time with her man. During this time, they create the necessary emotional bonding with them. They prefer having useful conversation and also engage in certain interesting activities, so that the bonding becomes strong. Therefore, it is very common to find women complaining that they are not getting enough time together.

Women also like to hear complementary words from their man. This can be about their personal quality, dress sense or their beauty. At the same time, they also want their partner to respect and appreciate them. If the woman serves food, she expects the man to praise about her cooking or say a few nice words about the dish that she has prepared for him.

It is a total myth that women always like a person, who is witty and humorous. They certainly like it, when their partner has a sense of humor, but this is not the primary reason to fall for him. If the woman already likes him then she will certainly like his funny side.

As far as sexual attraction is concerned women are too unpredictable. Quite often her partner will not be able to figure out when the woman is sexually aroused. Therefore, if you need to know about the sexual needs of a woman, it is better to talk to her openly. You must ask her what she really expects in order to satisfy her in bed. You need not please her with compliments and attention or by bragging. Instead attract her by being a ‘Real Man'.

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