Difference Between Pick Up Lines And Opener

Socialising is not a new concept, and after a long day's work, people prefer to meet up their friends at the local pub for a drink or two. The music, people around you and the lovely ambience relaxes you. If you are single and ready to mingle, then it is quite natural that you tend to look around to find a girl of your interest.

Right from this moment the desire is planted in their minds, as to how to approach the girl they like and start a healthy conversation. Now, there are two ways to strike a conversation, either by saying a pick up line or an opener. Men should learn to make the use of openers, rather than the pick up lines. This will help you gain some respect from your ladylove.

Difference between openers and pick up lines

  • Pick up lines are simple lame advances that don't work much whereas openers are more proverbial and have lasting impression.
  • Openers are a decent way to approach a girl and start a conversation like “hey you are cute” whereas the ultimate result for choosing pick up lines is just to end up in bed like “hey you must be tired because you have been running through my head all night.”
  • Openers show a sensitive side of a man whereas pick up lines are purely based on human instincts.
  • Pick up lines could be a turn off, whereas openers are good ice breaker.
  • Pick up lines crawl in the head whereas openers have a loving and innocent tone.
  • Pick up line is targeted to one person, but openers are multidirectional. They might engage the whole group.
  • Pick up lines may sound threatening.
  • Pick up lines makes the girl cringe and she might take aggressive action like spilling the drink on you, but openers are an effective way to seduce.
  • Openers attract more women and also build healthy rapport.
  • Openers generally send the signal that you are lost and need advice, and thus the object of affection may be a lending hand.
  • Pick up lines are cheesy and easy to come up with, whereas openers are used after thoughtful observation.

For the sake of conversation

Men are also shy and lack confidence, as to how to start a conversation with the girl they are interested in. They just want to get a yes for a date, and they are ready to go as far as possible. Most of the women feel offensive about the direct sexual advances made at them, and rest just don't care at all. Thus, it would be better if you were to start a conversation on a decent note. You wouldn't want to lose a girl even before you had a chance to impress her.

With openers, girls feel the positive vibes and the gentle approach of a man. You can be polite and ask her to shake a leg with you on the dance floor. You could also offer to buy her a drink. You can gain more than you think by just being a gentleman than some weirdo.

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