Learn The Ways To Survive In Blind Date

Blind date is filled with lots of excitement as two strangers are going to meet. It is obvious because when you are planning to meet a stranger, fear and anxiety spontaneously cross your mind. Men find it difficult to carry on their first blind date. They find it to be a nerve wracking experience and hence look for advice, so that the meeting with the stranger is successful. Read on to know some of the tips how men can survive the blind date.

Take Her To A Ice-Cream Parlor Or For A Coffee

When you are meeting someone for the first time, ice-cream parlor or a coffee shop would be a very good option. Girls usually prefer ice-cream or a cup of coffee. To initiate any discussion with the stranger, these would be the ideal places. Go at a slow pace, and gradually ask her about her likes and dislikes. Share your likings and dislikes and make her feel comfortable, so that she can talk to you freely. During the conversation, if you feel she is not of your type, be ready to leave the discussion as soon as you finish with your ice-cream or coffee.

Avoid crowded public places as far as possible

Choosing an appropriate place to meet is the most important thing in any blind date. Both of you are strangers, and to know each other you must have some privacy. Interacting in crowded public places like shopping malls, fair, or exhibition is not at a good idea. Take her to a place where the noise is less, and both of you can comfortably interact with each other. Arranging a party at home is also a good idea. Men can also invite their friends to the party, so that they can hang out with them if he does not find the girl of his type.

Dress well and groom up yourself

Grooming is one of the most important aspects of any blind date. Men lack a good dressing sense, which sometimes is the reason for failure of blind date. Thus, it is very important that you must dress up well.

  • Casual dresses are the most suitable attire to join any blind date.
  • Sports jacket is another choice, which one can opt for.
  • Dabbing on cologne can be impressive, but make sure the smell is soothing. Sometimes pungent smelling perfumes or cologne can irritate the girl.
  • Do not try out any formal attire for the events like a blind date. It looks very formal and girls may not enjoy it.

Ending a date is a bit tough for men in case they do not find the girl of their type. One should tactfully end the date, and must keep in mind that the girl does not feel bad once the date ends. Be gentle and polite in your behavior. The last but the most important thing to remember is not to lose your temper in any case while dating.

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