Things You Need To Avoid While In A Relationship

Relationships are the beautiful phase of life that boosts up our confidence and attitude. Most of you commit to the deadly sins mentioned in this article, when you fail to establish a strong relationship.

Why you need to avoid giving her roses?

While dating a beautiful and charming lady, many of you might have given flowers, chocolates and candies to her to make her realize that she has captured your heart. Girls are usually not impressed by such cheesy and foolish tactics. If she gets the roses and chocolates at an early stage of dating, it means you are a loser.

The moment you fulfill her each and every demand, you give away your power to her. She will realize that you are not as strong as she thought of. She will feel insecure with you. Most of the girls love challenges in the life. If you take her out and she does not know what is going to happen it will create thrills and excitement in her life. On the other hand, if she knows about the plans, your date will become boring. So, never become predictable to the lady.

Disadvantages of limiting ourselves

The biggest mistake many of you might have done is to limit yourself. Many guys settle with girls, who do not truly deserve it. Unless you find the perfect type of girl, keep your eye open to all the opportunities.

If you show more interest in the girl, she will become less interested in you. In this way, you will easily lose her. Hence, never show your desperation for the lady. She will become irritated and frustrated. Do not call her over and over again.

This will describe your possessive nature. Talk to her to set up a date or to convey urgent messages. Once you meet her, you could spend hours together talking to each other. If you call her every now and then, she will realize how scared you are about rejections.

Although ladies love to bitch they hate bitches. Do not have a negative outlook towards life. It will result in a total pushover. Make sure that you have a fun and exciting time with the girl. Girls love to be in the company of those guys, who can make them laugh.

Here are some tips which you could follow if you wish to continue a lovely relationship with the partner-

  • Never mock your partner in public places like restaurant or a shopping mall. She will feel embarrassed being with you. You might hurt her self esteem
  • Do not break your promises. Many girls hate liars. She might not trust you next time onwards
  • Never compare your partner with other ladies. It will result in a complete turn off
  • Do not waste your time listening to side talks about your partner or relation. It will only create distance between both of you.

Never commit the above mentioned deadly sins, if you desire to enjoy a beautiful relation.

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