What Is The Average Penis Size?

Penis size is a big deal for most men in the world to this day. That has been a matter of some debate for a long time. The medical world has largely ignored the entire idea of penis enlargement and the idea of a larger penis has been nothing more than vanity.

Well the times have changed and some parts of the medical community have finally started coming around to the idea that this is something that people need to worry about.

The idea of the concept that a male of the species needs to have a good image of his penis size is something that many researchers have given a lot of respect to. The fact is that the male on earth puts a lot of stock into the length and the girth of the penis. So we come to an area where we need to understand what the average size of penis is and how we can go about changing it.

The famed sex researcher, Alfred Kinsey, finally undertook a study where he looked at the penis size of many men in an effort to find an average. He was largely successful. What one thing that many people do not understand is the fact that Kinsey was one of the pioneers in sexual research. He spent most of his professional life looking at the way the world deals with sex. Using this kind of knowledge he found that penis size is a big deal to a good many men.

Using a field of three thousand five hundred white college aged men, he found that the average penis length was just over six inches. Now many have condemned his findings because he failed to use a larger body of specimens, including different races. However, many believe that he was the first to actually take this kind of measurement and make any of the adjustments to our knowledge base in the time he operated.

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Durex Condoms performed a similar study in the year 1980 and came to the similar conclusion as Kinsey. The major difference was the fact that Durex used fewer specimens but brought them from other countries. This was a deciding factor in finding that race was not really an issue when it comes the size of a male penis.

Through all of the studies that have been performed, one thing has shown through. The average penis size of the male on earth seems to be somewhere above five inches and perhaps six inches. Now it is important to note that this is nothing more than an average. There are longer penis lengths as well as shorter.

The main focus of these studies was to prove a major point. Men have a big problem with the penis size they have and if they happen to fall under that world wide average then they are going to want to find something that will change all of that. That is why the penis enlargement industry is so popular. There is now hope for those men who wish to be above average when it comes to penis size.

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