How Long Does It Take For Male Enhancement Pills To Work?

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to the duration it takes for male enhancement pills to work. Some men expect to see the results immediately they consume the pills. This hurry to see the results has made some men conclude that male enhancement pills are ineffective. For how long exactly should a male enhancement pill user wait to start seeing the results he is looking for?

This question is important for any man out there looking to improve his bedroom performance and experience. The pills are said to help boost sexual appetite, improve sexual stamina, increase the volume of ejaculate, increase the size of the penis and treat premature ejaculation among others.

The period it takes for male enhancement pills to work varies from one individual to another. Typically, our bodies work differently and one thing that works for a particular individual isn’t guaranteed to work for another individual. Therefore, you should not be sure to expect your enhancement pills to work for the exact duration it worked for your colleague.

However, there is a time frame that is considered to work for a majority of men. Most male enhancement pills, during the first week of the enhancement program, change the flow of blood in the body by ensuring more supply of blood to the penis. This is the first process of stimulating the growth of the penile cells. The increased supply of blood helps in nourishing the penis with sufficient nutrients and oxygen needed for cell growth.

During the second week, the penis may start showing some changes for some men. This variation proves that the enhancement pills respond differently with regard to our body characteristics. Those men who start seeing changes during the second week may notice an increase in the size of the penis in a flaccid state. The third week is the common duration in which a majority of men begin to notice the changes in the penis size. The penis, at this time, may begin to become thicker. After a period of four weeks, your partner may start noticing the difference in the size of the penis.

During the sixth week of the enhancement program, an increase in the size of an erect penis is noticeable and your partner can feel it during penetration. This carries on up to the ninth week where it is possible to see the changes even while facing the mirror.

The tenth and eleventh weeks are characterized by the growth of cells of the spongy tissues that continue to grow and multiply in order to strengthen the penis. The end result from this dual approach is a spacious tissue that accommodates a lot of blood and generates new tissues to trap more blood. During the fifteenth and sixteenth week, the penis should have grown larger, longer, and meatier. At this point, your partner is most likely happy with your penis size and wouldn’t mind enjoying having sex with you as much as both of you desire.

The twenty-first week is characterized by success having followed the enhancement program meticulously. This is the time to appreciate yourself for the determination. Your confidence and self-esteem should have improved tremendously by this time.

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